Two new students join the team

Two new MSc students, Arlem Aleida Castillo Ávila and Viviana del Rocío Hernández Castañon have join the team.

Arlem will bring her expertise about usability to reduce the subjective component during the usability evaluation of serious virtual environments. Her hypothesis is the cognitive load affects the evaluation of the usability. To demonstrate her hypotehsis she will use eye-tracking as a surrogate of the cognitive burden while both performing the task (using the system) and during the filling of the usability assessment questionnaire and yield possible correlates with the final usability score; thus identifying the subjective bias and proposing a possible model for correction of this subjective bias.

Viviana will work towards better understanding the process of transfer of knowledge. Her hypothesis is that the transfer of knowledge is modulated by the level of abstraction of the task presented. If she is correct; if the level of abstraction is low (task is highly specific/highly realistic), transference is large for that task but very quickly drops for more dissimilar tasks; whilst if if the level of abstraction is high (task is very generic), some trasfer of knowledge is sacrificed for the closer physical task, but this transfer is roughly maintained for distant tasks.

Welcome to the team, and the best of luck with your research to you both!