Up again! Server down finally fixed… almost a year later

It seems that after almost a year the server is finally up again! In the meantime we have had several news in the Gesture Therapy. Prof Sucar has won the National Science Award from the Mexican government, Patrick has develop an automatic recognition system for the assessment for motor dexterity, Viviana has been studying the effect of abstraction in the presentation of the task in the virtual environment, Arlem has explored how the distribution of elements in the virtual environment affects the cognitive workload, Joel has made substantial progress in the detection of emotions to incorporate affective elements to our beloved GT, Elías has put a brand new tracker which is more robust and responsive than the previous, and the user interface and internal architecture is undergoing deep changes for a better integrations among other. We will be reporting on these with more detail in the following days.

We truly hope that our server problems are now a thing of the past.