New RECITES grant

A much welcomed new grant from the Red Colaborativa de Investigación Traslacional para el Envejecimiento Saludable (RECITES). We will be investigating the effect of virtual rehabilitation on elders surviving stroke during the subacute stage and their following at home. How cool is that? The grant will support our research with 430,000.00 MXM.

This research intends to carry out an observational study of the effect of a virtual therapy initiated during the subactue stage and followed after the patient has been discharged from hospital but still continues his rehablitation as an outpatient from home. This new research grant follows our recent interest in monitoring the stroke patient remotely using the benefits of cloud computing (see grant  SmartSDK H2020-ICT-2016-INT-723174).

We intend to show that an early intervention sustained on high motivation (subsequent to the virtual therapy) may boost dexterity without harm for the patient according to the new evidences that early treatment is safe and feasible. Further, we also intend to show that dexterity immprovements are higher with early intervention than with the current late intervention at the chronic stage.