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Qualification Video 2023

Walking in front of the Mobile Robot 2019

Avoidance of Small Scattered Obstacles 2019

Passing Through a Small Aperture 2019

Avoidance of Irregularly Shaped Obstacles 2019

Avoidance of Dynamic Human Obstacles 2019

INAOE's RB1 learning system put to the test searching an apple 2015

TMR15 Verbal Command Recognition 2015

TMR15 Navigation Test 2015

TMR14 Cocktel party 2014

TMR14 Restaurant 2014

Markovito Team qualification video 2014

Sabina's arm preparing for a presentation task on a compettion environment. (TMR2013)

Sabina showing following capabilities and basic gesture recognition. (TMR2013)

Sabina on Patrol

Markovito team working on Sabina our new robot

The video shows markovito in a one to one competition against the Nanisha robot of UPAEP. The task is to follow a person without losing and avoid obstacles.

Markovito is given the order to look for a beer. He asks where to find the beer and goes to the indicated place to ask for the beer and deliver it.

Markovito is able to learn objects and recognize them in different locations. In the video he learns to recognize a magazine and finds it in a different place.

The video shows Markovito delivering messages and objects to several users in an office environment. This application involves different technologies and Artificial Intelligence techniques such as: speech recognition, map-building and localization, obstacle avoidance, etc.

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Markovito Jr. photos

Sabina photos

Markovito photos

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